Patient Centered Medical Home PCMH

What is a patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

It’s not a place…It’s a partnership with your primary care provider.
PCMH put you at the center of your care, working with your health care team to create a personalized plan for reaching your goals.
Your primary care team is focused on getting to know you and earning your trust.

As your Medical Home we will help you find needed information and resources, such as:

  • Pediatric Specialist
  • Latest Treatments for Health Conditions
  • Coordinate Care across multiple settings

What you can expect from us.
We are committed to providing a high quality and experience of care grounded in up-to-date evidence based medicine tools and resources to help manage your child’s health.
Include you and your child’s needs when developing a care plan together with your provider and team providing you with educational material about your child’s health.

As your Medical Home we will:
Help you understand your child’s health and how to take care of them. We explain your options and provide you with information to help you make decisions about their health. Help you coordinate your healthcare, even if we are not the ones providing it for you. We will help you find specialist, get appointments and make sure others have key information they need to care for your child. We use Electronic medical Records and share these records securely among your providers to help prevent medical errors and make sure that we are always on the same page, with each other and with you.

Below you will find several helpful links:

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