Insurance & Payment
What insurance do you accept?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Will services provided be covered by my insurance?
I have Medicaid and want to apply for Medicaid for my newborn. What do I do?
Well Visits
How often do I need to bring my child in for a checkup?
Locations, Services & Appointments
What are your hours?
Where is Passaic Pediatrics is located?
What languages do your providers and staff speak?
Do you accept walk-ins?
What if my child only needs to come in for a shot/vaccine?
How far in advance can I make my appointment?
How long can I expect to wait?
What kind of services are offered in your locations
Sick Care
Do you offer same day sick visits for your patients?
What do I do if my child is sick at night or on the weekend?
Who takes sick calls at night?
What do I need to tell the medical assistant when calling for advice about a sick child?
Do you have separate well and sick waiting areas?
At which hospitals are your providers on staff?
Will you visit my child if he/she is in the hospital?
Requests for Forms, Records, Refills, Referrals
How do I get a referral for a specialist?
How do I get a prescription refill?
How do I request a copy of my child’s records for any reason? Is there a fee?
How do I request a copy of a Physical/School Form (for school, daycare, camp, etc.) for my child?
How do I have records from another physician sent to Passaic Pediatrics?